Helping hospice programs advance patient care


As a hospice organization, you are looking to meet patients where they are in their journey. Because of this, understanding how essential oils can be used to manage symptoms and improve quality of life is vitally important.

HospiOils is here to help.

Our goal is to partner with your hospice organization and provide education and resources so an aromatherapy program can be put in place easily. HospiOils is proud to support collaborative research with essential oils in the hospice community.

Key benefits of our program include:

  • A hospice agency specific essential oil comfort care kit
  • Essential oil supply kit specifically designed for a hospice
  • Hospice symptom management recommendations
  • Customizable policy and procedure documents
  • Webpage and flyer templates your hospice can brand
  • Access to a client portal with essential oil educational material
  • Innovative concepts such as using essential oils in your bereavement program
  • Access to a certified aromatherapist for consultation if needed

There is no cost to use HospiOils, you just pay for the supplies you choose to purchase.

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