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If you or a loved one is currently receiving palliative care or hospice it’s probably safe to assume you’ve scoured the internet, read books and asked friends about options.

As a hospice pharmacist, I’ve spent my career researching options and providing education for my patients during their journey.

The goal of HospiOils is to help those who wish to utilize essential oils as part of their journey.

If your journey has led you to hospice, HospiOils can offer you or your loved one the following:

  • A hospice specific essential oil “comfort care kit” – a collection of oils that you might need on your journey
  • Essential oil supplies
  • Access to an online portal with essential oil educational material
  • Easy to follow recommendations on how to use essential oils safely for common symptoms
  • Access to a blog where updates on essential oils at end of life are shared
  • Educational material on the M Technique

If you are looking for pain or palliative care support, in addition to the above, HospiOils can offer the following:

  • The option to purchase a couple of essential oils or  buy an essential oil starter kit which includes a carrier oil and a diffuser
  • Essential oil supplies geared towards your condition(s)
  • Access to online portal with educational material for common symptoms
  • Blog access and specific recommendations based on your condition from our certified aromatherapist

There is no cost to use HospiOils, you just pay for the supplies you choose to purchase. 

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